How to Write an Excellent Thesis Statement for Your Research Paper

How to Write an Excellent Thesis Statement for Your Research Paper

Tips on Writing a Perfect Thesis Statement for Your Research Paper

Most research papers take a persuasive approach. This is because any scholarly paper written is subject to review, critique and evaluation for flaws, strengths and weaknesses. As such, research papers require that the author highlights the major idea, argument or logical point of view that one is trying to highlight or support. This is basically the thesis statement of the paper.

Over the years of our helping students, we have noted that most students have a problem developing a good thesis statement. In this article, we are going to highlight the process of developing a good thesis statement for your paper.

Process of Writing a Thesis Statement

Step 1

We have actually covered the first step of developing a good thesis statement. This is basically understanding what a thesis statement is. Just to reiterate, a thesis statement is a sentence(s) highlighting the main idea, argument or logical point of view of a given paper. It usually portrays the author’s position about the area of the topic being explored.

Step 2

The second step of developing a good thesis statement is determining the type of paper that you are writing. There are different types of papers that include such as argumentative, analytical or expository papers.

Explanatory papers are those seeking to explain something. Argumentative papers refer to those that express a claim on a specific topic and tries to justify it using evidence. On the other hand, an analytical paper is one that offers a breakdown of an idea or an issue into various subsections with a respective evaluation of the subsections.

The type of paper that you are writing determines how you are going to phrase your thesis statement. It is advisable to include a thesis statement even for other paper types as it helps the reader to understand what is being presented in the paper.

Step 3

The next step of writing a perfect thesis statement is a thorough preliminary research that will inform your paper. A good thesis statement is the result of keen, lengthy and informed thinking process. You want to develop a thesis statement based on organized evidence that you will be presenting to your audience. Once you have brainstormed on your evidence, you will probably have a good thesis statement for your paper.

But, how long should a good thesis statement be?

Things to Avoid

Have a short thesis statement.

It is usually expressed in one or two sentences. This does not mean that you only need two sentences for your thesis statement. In most cases, a thesis statement should be preceded by background information.

Have your thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph

The image below is a depiction of how your thesis statement and the background information should be organized. The background information should be structured in a manner that it progresses from a broad point of view to a specific area of interest you will be covering.


An excellent thesis statement should be clear

You do not want to present a vague main idea. Your thesis statement should be specific. It should only express what the evidence you will provide will be supporting. You can develop a clear and specific thesis statement as you continue to write your paper.

Your thesis should comment on your idea or main argument

For instance, you do not want to present “Ocean cleanliness is essential.” as your thesis statement. Instead, you can restate it to, “Ocean cleanliness is essential in upholding the integrity of the aquatic ecosystems, it’s conservation is hence important.”

Have an orginal and unique thesis statement

Ensure that your thesis statement is original. Otherwise, you will discourage many scholars from continuing reading your paper, which may be detrimental to your grades or reputation in case of a journal article.

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By Dickson Wright.

Published on: 29 Dec 2018