Interesting Essay Topics for Your Research Paper

Interesting Essay Topics for Your Research Paper

How to Know If You Have a Perfect Research Paper Topic

In the article “How to choose the best essay topic for your paper”, we highlighted the process of identifying the best topic for your research paper. Despite highlighting the process of identifying a good topic that has information to back your arguments; the article also gave an idea on assessing whether your topic will be relevant to your area of study. The previous blog post proposed that you seek comments or responses from such as fellow students, professionals within your area of study and/or from your instructor once you choose a topic. You can do this such as by briefing them about your proposed area of study.

In this article, we want to assist you further in deciding on a potential essay topic that is also interesting to people interested in the area of study. Nonetheless, it would be essential to note that the word ‘interesting’ is a subjective term. It hence implies that an essay topic that interests one person might not be interesting to another person.

Consequentially, it is difficult for all personnel interested in your area of study to be pleased by your essay topic. Of course, theories have to be opposed and it is through such criticism on any intellectual contribution that improvement in knowledge in a given field occurs. I bet the competition between Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi affirms this!

Despite the likely criticism, we guarantee our customers that you can always ace your grades with an essay topic within a relatively new area of study! People are interested in advancing knowledge. As such, a new area of study will always act as a foundation for future studies. Such an essay topic captures the attention of both supporters and critics.

This article does not actually give some specific essay topics as being interesting as opposed to its title. You have the best essay topics with you. You only need to identify them! Giving you specific topics will be limiting you.

However, we can highlight some of the issues you would definitely like to avoid unless you have no option as they have been exhausted. For instance, it would be advisable to avoid topics such as (unless instructed otherwise):

Ø Boys are better than girls

Ø Drinking age should be lowered

Ø Current education system is limiting students

Ø Discrimination of the blacks by the whites

Ø Should abortion be legalized?

Nevertheless, these essay topics might also be considered interesting if argued well and using recent evidence. As we mentioned earlier, some areas to check out when choosing an essay topic are those that are relatively new such as:

Ø Ethical implication of gene cloning

Ø GMO labeling and use

Ø Morality issues associated with organ donation.

Ø Implications of outsourcing labor

There are many areas that you can identify that are relatively new. It is these areas that you want to study as most professionals and scholars will pay more attention to such research areas.

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Published on: 16 Dec 2018