How Long Should a College Essay Be? Updated Guide for Expert Writers

How Long Should a College Essay Be? Updated Guide for Expert Writers

Factors to Consider to Know How Long Your Essay Should Be

Writing a college essay is not an experience many love and it can be made a whole lot worse by other situations such as lack of information on how to write an essay. Another problem that most students experience is not knowing how long their college essay should be.

In most cases, instructors give a standardized college essay assignment. In such cases, your teacher gives a definite page or word count or their ranges for an essay that students are to abide with while writing an essay assignment.

In some instances, an instructor will give an essay assignment but fail to specify the page count and number of sources and so forth.

How long should our essays be in such cases?

Well, it would have been relieving if there is a definitive answer as to how long your essay should be. Unfortunately, we cannot do that and it’s for the best!

Some people suggest that a standard college essay should be about 5 to7 pages long. We won’t dispute this though we would also like to encourage you to rely on your wits to make the best choice on the number of pages your essay will be.

The length of your college essay can be determined by various technical aspects.

How Do I Know How Long My Essay Should Be?

A.     Type of essay you’re writing

There are various types of essays you can be asked to write about. You can be asked to write about a compare and contrast essay, a reflective essay, an analytical essay or a term paper and so on.

There are many types of research paper and each may have a different length requirement. For instance, you cannot write a reflective journal on two article in a 20 page essay. On the contrary, it will be perfectly okay to write a dissertation that is 20 pages long.

Similarly, a compare and contrast essay length will be dependent on your structuring and information availability while an article review is dependent on what is being reviewed and the process of the review.

Understanding the type of paper you are working on will significantly determine the length of your essay. Be sure to check out acceptable range of the type of essay you are working on.

B.     Essay requirements and/or expectations

Your essay rubric –if available – is a reliable way to determine an approximate length of your essay. In this case, requirements determine your essay structuring which you can then use to infer an approximate page length for your college essay.

Ensure that you do not stretch your essay requirements to have a lengthy essay but whose content is thin. Also, avoid writing a paper that is too short to cover all your essay requirements.

In other words, do not force your paper length if you decide to use your essay requirements to determine how long your essay will be. Let the requirements choose the length of the essay for you – what matters is meeting all the essay requirements to have an excellent essay.

C.     Essay format

Has your instructor given a specific format to follow? If yes, essay format can assist you determine an approximate essay length. An essay format gives you a framework for which the context of your essay need to be limited to.

D.     Use of terms in the question to infer approximate college essay length

Most students are not aware of the fact that you can use the wording in your essay instructions to make an inference on the likely acceptable essay length. For instance, if your essay prompt requires you to ‘write a short paper/essay’, you should limit your essay length to about 2-6 pages.

Similarly, if your essay prompt requires that you write a ‘short answer essay’, the essay length should be about one page long.

E. Academic level

Your academic level can also limit your essay length. High school papers are often short compared to college papers though not very different. Conversely, it is common for undergraduate and subsequent levels to write longer papers.

As much as you will find many people advising you to do a 5-7 page college essay in case your instructor does not specify the page or word count or range, you should also consider other factors to help you determine the best essay length for your paper

Use the above strategies to determine the approximate length of your college essay. Whether you are in college or not, you can use the same methods to determine how long your essay should be.

Whether you’re writing a short or long essay, the format of your essay should adhere to the basic introduction, body and conclusion structure. Once you have determined the approximate length of your college essay, you can then proceed and determine the amount to be taken by each section of your paper.

Remember your essay introduction and conclusion take a specific amount of your overall essay length. It would hence be crucial to have an approximate length to use to write your essay. 

Do You Experience Challenges Determining Long Your College Essay Should Be?

Well, writing is a nightmare to most people. RAll the research, writing and all that goes with college essay writing is an exhausting task. The lack of proper understanding such as on how long your essay will be makes the process of essay writing even more challenging.

This doesn’t have to be the case though.

With the help of a professional essay writer, you can get a well-informed guideline on how to structure your essay and advice on how long your essay should be.

There is this cold-hearted attitude towards the thought of seeking essay help from online custom writing sites. But think of it in this way, a good investor always seeks consultations from market research experts and people with experience in market analysis. Also, a good doctor always consults with his/her peers.

Similarly, paying someone to work on your college essay is not wrong. It is just an approach you use to improve your chances of passing.

Paying a professional writer to help you with your essay will also help you deliver a high quality paper. Using a professionally written sample essay can guide you on how to approach your essay, understand the major areas to cover, how to write an academically valid paper and avoid plagiarism.

Expert writers are well versed in researching and academic writing. You gain a lot by using their professionally written essays for guidance. Seeking custom writing help can also give you a better understanding on your essay topic.

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Published on: 31 Jan 2019